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The Next Generation in Entertainment

Bring Style to Any Event

Our goal is to provide quality music and personal entertainment experiences to our clients' specifications. When you book Star Struck, you’ll be able to sleep easy knowing that we are as invested in your event as you are. 

We’ve seen first hand the horrors that bad entertainment can bring to an event, and we don’t that experience for you. Our DJs know how to start the party...and keep it going!

Whether you are booking a DJ for your event, or simply looking to dance, you can expect an unmatched entertainment experience from StarStruck!

About Star Struck Unlimited

Star Struck Unlimited was founded in the spring of 2011, with the goal of creating a unique entertainment experience that our community can relate to. We realized the major need for something outside of the status quo, and aspired to provide an alternate option for live musical entertainment. In addition to great live experiences, we love to keep our community up to date with all things Star Struck, including live show dates, original music releases, photos, video and documentary series', and more! Our goal is to give people something memorable, whether it be a short video doc entry, or an energetic live performance, count on Star Struck to make it spectacular!

L-R: Eric Lorenzo Davis (SuprDuprMan), Joe Tomaselli, and R.C. Perry

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